After DB11, Aston Martin Unveiled Its First Hypercar

AM-RB 001, codenamed Nebula is an incredible piece of automotive engineering and a proof that Aston Martin is still one of the most exclusive brands on the market. After they presented DB11, a long awaited successor of their most popular model to date, the company decided to come up with a real surprise with AM-RB 001.

AM-RB 001 1

The car, like almost all hypercars, looks like something coming from the future. Futuristic design, slick lines, aerodynamic curves, and an incredible sense of power are the things first noticed when looking at this beast. The man behind the design is Adrian Newey, a legendary Formula 1 designer. His main goal was, in his own words, to “keep it pure and simple and light, a tighter package,” and we can say that he was one hundred percent successful in achieving the goal.

001 is light, incredibly light. With a weight of just 1000kg and power of 1000bhp, 001 really is a beast. It basically looks like a Formula 1 car suited for the road, and that assumption very accurately describes the newest member of Aston Martin family. If you look the sides of 001, you’ll notice that side skirts reveal nothing under them. This was done in order to make the car as light as it can be, and by looking at it, you can notice that only lower part of the cockpit can be seen, there’s nothing else under that would just bring extra weight.

AM-RB 001

The car is also very petite in terms of height; height is just a bit above 100 cm, allowing the car to be as aerodynamic as it can. 001 is made completely out of carbon fiber, giving it a dark, almost Batman-like look and feel. Since this is Aston Martin every buyer can choose any color he wants the car to be painted in, there are no limits. Of course, if you want to leave the car in its original color, that’s possible too.

There are two seats, with plenty of room for both driver and the co-driver. As we said, this is first and foremost an Aston Martin, so you can expect a dose of luxury inside. Air conditioning, infotainment system, luxury materials, all this can be found inside a cockpit. There are no door handles, 001’s gullwing doors are touch-activated, further reducing the weight. Instead of rear view mirrors, Aston Martin engineers decided to use rear-facing cameras; let’s face it, having side mirrors would just mess up design.

AM-RB 001 6

The engine used is a V12 beast with, as we said before, the power of 1000bhp. It isn’t powerful as the new Bugatti Chiron, but AM-RB 001 is much lighter, leaner, so 1000bhp is more than enough since the car weighs just 100 kg. Aston Martin decided to skip hybrid engine and go with good ol’ internal combustion engine.

AM-RB 001 production will be limited to 99 road cars, there will be a version suited for racing track, and a total number of cars produced won’t pass 150 pieces. As for the price well, this is an Aston Martin so a base price of $2.65 million isn’t something unexpected. The price can go up to $4 million; it all depends on the options selected.

AM-RB 001 3

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO said that “fundamentally, it’s a very, very quick road car,” and we completely agree with him. 001 is the future, not so much in terms of being eco-friendly as it is in terms of design and tech used. AM-RB 001 should begin testing in 2017, with the first deliveries being ready in early 2019.

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