Android Smartphones Now Start At $3.67 Without Contract.

Ringing-Bells-Freedom-2513No one in the smartphone industry apart from Apple and Samsung is really generating any profits. This has been attributed to the rise of Asian phone manufacturers that are offering their phones at unbelievably low prices in order to gain market share.

Well, An Indian company may have just put all of them to shame as it launched the cheapest Android smartphone in the world.  The ‘Freedom 251’ has been priced at 251 Indian Rupees or the equivalent of $3.67. Keep in mind this price is not promotional or subsidized by any carrier whatsoever.

With a price that is less than what a cup of coffee costs, you may expect specifications that are a decade old, however, you would be wrong. The phone boasts of a 4-inch display (960×560), has a 1.3 GHz quadcore processor and 1GB of RAM. The included internal memory is only 8GB, however, expandable storage in the form of a microSD card is also supported.

Android 5.1 will be powering the phone with a host of apps being preloaded.  The company behind the phone, Ringing Bells, has tied up with app manufacturers to include their software on the phones and to make sure that India specific apps catering to specific problems are easily available on their phones. Popular apps like Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp will also be preloaded on the phone.

India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and is poised to overtake the United States in the near future to become the second largest market in the world after China. This has meant that a lot of phone manufacturers around the world are focusing more closely on the country. While the overall telephony penetration in the country is quite high, a large majority of the country still uses older dumbphones and will look to upgrade to better phones soon.

The Freedom 251 also comes with 3G compatibility in a move that analysts hope will encourage people to move on to faster networks. India is now transitioning to 4G networks around the country, however, only a small minority of its users currently even use 3G networks.

The launch of this phone will no doubt gain a lot of media attention and garner interest among the people, however, it remains to be seen as to what the real world performance of this device will be like. The Indian government was behind a project a couple of years back to develop the cheapest computing device in the world (Aakash Tablet), however that device turned out to be simply unusable.

The country is also in the midst of a manufacturing push as it seeks to bring in foreign investment and jobs for its people. The success of homegrown companies will help develop the industry and pave the way for many more entrants in the near future.


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