Apple Does Not Know What It Wants To Do With Cars Right Now And That’s Okay.


The recent announcement that Apple had invested a Billion dollars into China’s largest ride-sharing company, Didi Chuxing, without really putting forwards a clear reason why has meant that everyone is trying to figure out what the company hopes to achieve.

Is Apple trying to get a foothold into what is projected to be the world largest market for cars as it prepares its rumoured Apple car? Is Apple developing software that will help improve the state of ride sharing? Is it a combination of the two?

Most likely, Apple itself does not have it quite figured out. Sure, it wants to do something transformative in the automotive sector, that is certain. It would have some idea of whether it wants to get into resource heavy automobile manufacturing or stick to the software side of things.

Google seems to be content as of now to try and be the software that powers self-driving cars. It has built up a fantastic amount of data and wants to use it to help accelerate the pace of adoption of self-driving cars all over the world. It remains to be seen whether car makers are going to just roll over and let the technology companies come in and take over their industry but there is no question they would want to avoid being marginalized like handset manufacturers were.

Lyft too is in partnership with Didi Chuxing which means that it has two high-profile partners in its race against Uber to put self-driving cars on the roads. The other partner being GM which has invested a billion dollars of its money into Lyft.

The fact that user experience on the roads stands to be improved is certain. Think of the endless amount of hours you rack up on the roads going nowhere over your lifetime and how self-driving cars could make that a thing of the past. Even if you were stuck in a traffic jam, there would probably be an opportunity to do something productive or take a nap!

Never before have two huge industries headed towards collision like technology and car makers seem to be and at breakneck speed.

Everything we know about the transportation industry is going to change in a matter of years and Apple has made it clear that it wants to be involved. This investment is just a drop in the bucket of cash reserves it has built up over the years.

The company will no doubt continue to make strategic investments into more companies around the world and may even target a few acquisitions along the way. Apple, like every other technology company around the world, recognizes that transportation will be the next big canvas of innovation and it hopes that it can find itself near the top of the pile when everything shakes up.


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