Apple Is Becoming Complacent and Lazy


Apple released the iPhone SE (Special edition, apparently) and we at techigy have been having a few mixed feelings about it. Make no mistake, a low-cost iPhone will sell millions of units. After all, older outdated models of the iPhone continue to sell in large numbers even now so there is no reason that an updated one will not.

The idea behind the iPhone SE seems solid enough too. There is a gap that has developed in the market for small flagship devices and that is exactly what this is. The only thing that we have an issue with is the fact that Apple has recycled its old design, almost as if to say that customers who want a low-cost iPhone do not deserve any better.

The new iPhone SE looks identical to the older iPhone 5 and 5S versions. Was it really that difficult for Apple to come up with something new?

According to us, the company missed a trick here and could have really owned the mid-range market for cell phones. After all, the camera on the iPhone SE is the same as the one in the 6S and is sure to blow all other competitors out of the water and the upgraded chip inside will make iOS run buttery smooth. Apple also included a bigger battery making full use of the extra heft the older design carries.

The only thing it did not do was to actually take the trouble of designing a new smaller flagship.

There are a lot of people who genuinely prefer smaller sized phones and they would have been excited to see what Apple was going to come up with. In fact, a lot of them would be former Apple customers who have moved on from the iPhone 5/5S to newer models.

Are updated specs going to be enough for them to go running back to a tired old design?

There is another school of thought here. Apple is going to position the iPhone SE primarily for emerging markets like India and China. It even called out China during the keynote as one of the places that prefer smaller sized phones.

These markets are much more price sensitive than others, so maybe Apple is thinking that a price cut coupled with updated specs will be enough to win their business. Again, We have serious doubts about this strategy.

Companies like Xiaomi are already providing cutting edge specs, high-quality construction and flagship worthy design at a price point lesser than what the iPhone SE will retail at. Apple had better hope that rose gold color on the iPhone SE becomes extremely popular really quick, otherwise, this model is going to go the way of the iPhone 5C.

Dead on arrival.


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