Are The Snapchat Spectacles Creepy?


If you are a Snapchat fan (like a 100 million other users around the world) living in the U.S. then you may be excited to know that Snap.Inc has officially released their first hardware offering, Spectacles, to the public.

In typical Snapchat style, the relatively unobtrusive looking sunglasses will be sold through ‘Snap Bots’, which are just large yellow vending machines that will pop up in different locations for a day at a time. The first location was near Venice beach and users can expect other populated areas to be targeted in the future.

Snapchat is manufacturing a limited amount of hardware so getting your hands on of these things can be a little tough. The initial reviews have been promising with users praising the seamless setup process and the physical pair of sunglasses themselves, however, the wireless transfer and quality of the included cameras are subpar to anything that you can expect on even a mid-range smartphone.

So who is this device for?

Well, if you are someone who loves Snapchat, goes to the beach quite often or likes to wear funky sunglasses and does not want to take the pains of removing your phone from your pocket, then I guess you are the perfect candidate.

Jokes apart, though, we are unsure if Snap.Inc really intends for this to be a profit making product stream that they will expand over the years or just a social experiment to see if people are more accepting of video cameras on their Sunglasses in the aftermath of the Google Glass fallout.

The company has made some effort to make the Spectacles less creepy by including two rings of LED’s that clearly indicate when someone is recording a video and only shoots 10 seconds at a time. This can be extended to 30 seconds by physically pressing the recording button every 10 seconds.

The colors of the spectacles themselves and their somewhat distinctive shape will also help people stand out, although, we are not sure people will welcome these glasses into their premises. There is just something about having video cameras surreptitiously peer out you from glasses that makes the hair stand and makes you uneasy in a way that cameras on phones just do not.

Yes, the argument that people could record anything that they want with phones in the same way that they could with these Snapchat glasses holds true but there is no point in denying such devices make people uncomfortable.

If there is any company on earth right now that can make this sort of device popular and ‘cool’ though then that is Snapchat. If you are lucky enough to come across a bot selling these devices then you can pick one up for a not too expensive $130.


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