Australian national Census not going so well, or possibly at all

This was Australia’s chance to show that we’ve got our heads around the whole IT thing and that finally we could use technology to take the country’s Census this year. At the time of writing this article, it appears that this isn’t going to be the case.

About 3 weeks ago, I received a letter in my mailbox addressed to “To The Resident”. Normally I would immediately dis-guard any mail not addressed correctly, however I was fortunate enough, and curious enough to open the envelope. So, the letter is to inform me that this year we can all complete the Census online, and I’m thinking awesome, much faster and less paperwork! I then wonder what proportion of Australians actually threw away the envelope without opening it. It seems that they had thought of this themselves and a week later they start an advertising campaign to let us know that we’ll shortly receive a letter – oops, too late.

So tonight rather than complete my Census, I’m writing this post instead. The Census website continually says please wait another 15 minutes before trying again. It’s much like a shop that is closed and has a sign saying ‘ back in 15 minutes’ – we’ve got no real idea what the actual time frame might be.

The Census website currently says they’re receiving a high number of phone calls, no great surprise there as I’m sure many people will be wanting to avoid being fined for not completing the Census tonight, even though it is currently impossible for them to do so.

The @Census2016 Twitter account acknowledges that they are experiencing on the designated website, but ironically, the same account is sending tweets out to individuals reminding them to complete the Census.

So it looks like myself and several million other Australians won’t be completing the Census tonight after all, maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe I’ll forget.


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