Betterspot – An Easy To Use VPN Router Giving You Freedom in Today’s World Of Location-Based Internet Access

Remember when internet access wasn’t tied to your IP address? Back when you were able to access any site, watch any video, without worrying about your privacy being endangered, without software giants knowing your every move, your location, and the list of every online activity, no matter how meaningless?


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Today, the internet changed; some countries ban certain sites, like China’s doing with most social networks, and with Google-related sites. In other, “democratic” societies internet providers block file sharing sites just because big corporations want even bigger profit. Not to talk about traces you leave during everyday surfing. Your location, IP address, the list of sites visited, even the map showing movements you’ve made with a mouse. It’s all recorded, and even if it’s not used (but, in most cases, it is used, especially in marketing purposes) all that data provides companies a way to know you better than your best friends, or parents, know you.


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We must face it, in today’s world internet became a marketplace where user data is the most valuable commodity, and where your location can mean the difference between having access to a certain content or not. And it’s okay in some cases. For instance, if some brick-and-mortar shop allows only users from a certain country to access its web presentation, that’s completely fine since you can’t go shop in it if living 10,000 miles from the store.

But, in some other cases, location-based limits are just plain silly. Let’s take Netflix for example. It goes like this – if some TV network already had the rights of showing some TV show before Netflix become available in your country, you won’t be able to watch it on Netflix (we presume that said series is part of Netflix offer) because emitting laws (which are, by the way, extremely obsolete since they are passed during completely different times) don’t allow for it to happen. Luckily, there’s a solution, in the form of VPN (virtual private network), which masks your IP address, allowing you to live in any country of the world, at least while you are on the internet.

Image Source: Kickstarter

Image Source: Kickstarter

But, most VPN solutions are complicated to set up, and for every device, you’d have to set up a new VPN connection. This is where Betterspot comes and saves the day. Betterspot is a built-in VPN router, allowing you to set up a VPN connection anytime, anywhere, on every device.

On top of allowing you to bypass location-based restrictions, Betterspot will also mask your IP address, making you practically invisible while browsing. The device looks like a portable Wi-Fi modem, and it’s extremely easy to use.  Just connect the router to your access point, and that’s it! Betterspot will automatically route all your devices, enabling them VPN connection; no matter if you use a smartphone, tablet, a game console, smart TV, PC or laptop, Betterspot will enable them VPN connection.

Betterspot is mobile, allowing you to bring you VPN connection everywhere with you. Traveling to another country, but want to access all of your Netflix content? No problem, just bring the device with you. It’s also compatible with a variety of platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – Betterspot works on them all.

Betterspot Kickstarter campaign started two days ago, and the project already managed to gather more than 80 percent of needed funds. Check it out on Kickstarter.

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