Care For A Pint Of AI Brewed Beer?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most interesting topics in tech circles. Its potential uses range from more common and day-to-day scenarios, such are autonomous driving or automated article creation, to the ones that aren’t really going to happen anytime soon, like a complete governing of cities or playing football. Of course, there is a possibility that one day when a proper AI come to existence we get enslaved, or like in Singularity Sky, transferred all over our galaxy, but we shouldn’t worry about that anytime soon. At the moment, we should be worried about AI’s craftiness at making beer. Yeah, that’s right, you can right now try a beer brewed by a machine, and this AI usage scenario is certainly one of the most creative ones of the bunch.

Microbreweries are getting more and more popular, big name brands just aren’t in demand as ten years ago. Making your own beer is as cool as it gets, and there are more and more microbreweries rising with each passing day. There are numerous choices when it comes to craft beer, today you can choose from thousands of beers, making the choice harder than before. This trend is on the rise, but no one attempted to make a beer using AI yet. Making beer with the help of AI can make the process more streamlined, gathering info from customers, analyzing it, eventually picking the best advice and incorporating them, making the beer better with every new batch.

AI Beer

IntelligentX is a London-based startup with a sole purpose of teaching a machine to make a perfect pint of beer. They are doing that with the help of algorithms created in order to gather feedback data from customers and use that data to refine the recipe. The beer has been around for millennia, but this is the first time that no human is involved in the making, well, except the workers at the brewery, which are not responsible for the actual recipe. As of now, the company created four beers – Golden AI, Pale AI, Amber AI, and Black AI.

The most important part of any AI is making decisions, and when it comes to beer, there are plenty of decisions that need to be made. With the help of a professional team of brewers and customers, IntelligentX is trying to make the perfect beer, at least for the majority of their customers; because when it comes to beer, you can’t satisfy everyone.

AI Beer 1

With the help of AI named ABI (Automatic Brewing Intelligence) the company picks up feedback over Facebook messenger and later on, that data is being incorporated into the brewing algorithm, giving the AI enough variables which can help it in refining the recipe. Similar to  the way we are analyzed by big name companies in order to receive targeted ads except in this instance, customers are analyzed in order to find what needs to be improved in order to satisfy their palate, a feat much harder to achieve than serving them a perfect ad.

It seems that this way of brewing is successful, since their first batch in less than a week. We can’t wait to see will AI crafted beer will be the next step in this millennia-old métier.

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