Credits (CRDS) hard fork at block 375,000 in around 8 days will start new rewards structure

Since it’s genesis block back in June 2017, Credits (CRDS) has kept to the same rewards structure which was planned over a 36 year period allowing for a total of 96 million CRDS to be issued. This all changes in around 8 days at block 375,000. The initial plan was to have 11 CRDS for each block, with 1 masternode reward per block, and 10 PoW (CPU only mining) rewards per block and gradually change this over time as follows;

After holding a open poll in their Discord earlier this year, the Credits’ Community voted on a new rewards structure (below) that sees masternode rewards increase about every 6 months, as well as a development fund reward of 0.5 CRDS per block for the next 3 years. The overall block reward is reduced from 11 CRDS to 10.5 CRDS per block so the total supply after 36 years will be under the original 96 million planned. That being said, there is now no limit on how many CRDS will be minted as after block 2,00,000 there will be 4 CRDS issued every block, 2 to masternode, and 2 to PoW.

This hard fork is of course a mandatory update for anyone running a Credits wallet, and the new version (v1.2.0) can be downloaded from Github –

Credits remains one of the few coins that is using the Argon2d algorithm to allow for CPU only mining for PoW, and fewer still that combine this with masternodes for proof of service rewards. More information cab be found on the Credits website – or by joining the community discussion in their Discord Chat by using this invitation link –

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