Droid 2016 Models Leaked!

droid backplates

Motorola has seen some new design and marketing directions being taken since it was acquired by Lenovo. After releasing multiple version of the Moto G, it looks like the company’s latest Droid line will also undergo a major overhaul.

Leaks have emerged from the usually reliable @evleaks that the new Droids will be available in three colors, come with swappable backplates and encased in metal. According to the leak, the three different backplates will also come with a special ability like JBL speakers, Hasselblad camera or a projector.

To be fair to the company, though, these swappable backplates are more akin to modular swapping a.k.a the LG G5 than a confusing array of slightly different models from each other (the direction it took with the Moto G). It remains to see what kind of hardware capabilities Lenovo provides with these distinctive backplates since all too often we just high profile branding on top of the run of the mill mediocre products.

There is no Verizon branding in the leaks which may mean that these are early press renders or a highly less likely possibility of Verizon having forsaken it’s in the face branding for the latest droid phones. Since this line is exclusive to Verizon, it is a near sure bet that Verizon will want to stamp its name all over the phone.

These backplates will be called as MotoMods that should easily snap on to the back of the phones. There is also the speculation that Motorola will extend MotoMod compatibility to future models released by the company and thus increase the value proposition for anyone buying into its hardware ecosystem.

Interestingly, a couple of different renders have been leaked by Evan Blass (@evleaks) in the space of a few weeks, raising the possibility of more than one Droid model being released. It is not something that has not happened before and both the models may come in at different price points.

The renders leaked today look strikingly similar to the Moto Z Vector thing, a premium phone while the earlier ones were more similar to the Moto Z Vertex. Of course, there is also the possibility that the earlier model may have been a design mockup and never actually made it to production.

We will have to wait till July 9th to know for sure what Motorola has in store for us, but it looks like the company is betting on something daring and innovative to get a leg up on its competitors.

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