Facebook Is Attempting To Clone Snapchat Yet Again!!

facebook-dayFacebook has a long and frankly embarrassing history of ripping off Snapchat features and failing spectacularly to do so. It comes off as a middle-aged person trying to hang with the cool kids and show that it too can ‘fit in’!!

Persistence, though, is one thing that Zuckerberg and co have in abundance, and so they are giving it another shot.

Stories, which is Snapchat’s killer feature’ is being replicated right inside Facebook’s Messenger app, right down to the added filters and disappearing pictures after 24 hours.

It is being called as Messenger ‘Day’, ostensibly to drive home the fact that everything on the app will disappear after 24 hours. Currently, the feature is available only in Poland.

The move is being tested in a market where Messenger has a significant lead over Snapchat and is, in fact, one of the more popular messaging application in the country.

If the feature actually catches on, then a wider roll out globally can be expected.

Interestingly, Instagram, also owned by Facebook, too introduced a ‘Stories’ clone, going so far as to naming it Stories, and is actually doing a pretty good job of implementing the feature.

Instagram, for some reason that must infuriate Mark Zuckerberg, has that cache of ‘cool’ that endear it to users. It also has a much larger user base than Snapchat and so has a real good chance of becoming the ephemeral photo sharing company of choice for a lot of young people around the world in places where Snapchat has a minimal presence.

Snapchat also recognizes this threat to its core business as other apps continue to raid it for parts and are expanding into the hardware market. The recently announced pair of Snapchat Glasses looks interesting but it remains to be seen how successful it is going to be.

The backlash that Google Glasses went through even before its release had a lot to do with a perceived invasion of privacy and that was only because of its camera feature, not its Augmented reality interface. Snapchat might try to make it extremely obvious when someone is taking a picture or recording video with its glasses but it still may not be enough to calm users.

Of course, one thing that I think all of us can count on for sure is the fact that Facebook will come out with a similar set of glasses if they do become popular!!

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