Facebook Is Going For LinkedIn’s Throat

Facebook is getting ready to eat LinkedIn’s lunch as it allows companies to post job listings on their company pages. Facebook has over a billion daily users now and its algorithms are finely tuned to bringing people the content that they want to see.

This means that job hunting could be as easy as ‘liking’ the company page and then getting regular updates on your news feed. It will definitely help save job hunters some time and possibly eliminate the need for them to pay LinkedIn for extra features as well.

Recruiters could possibly pay to ensure their job postings are being shown to specific demographics and possibly even promote their visibility. It seems like a natural addition to facebook especially as companies were already using the social network to post jobs and get in touch with applicants.

According to facebook, the addition of features with dedicated job sections is just a natural response to that need.

It is easy to see how facebook could offer a complete job hunting experience where personal details are quickly filled into job application forms, communication could be carried out through Messenger and it is only a matter of time before chat bots dedicated to hunting jobs come are released.

LinkedIn should be afraid that its dominance in the hob hunting space could be under very serious threat. That is not to say that Facebook has dominated every category it has entered as Snapchat and the various attempts made to hijack its userbase have shown but Microsoft might just be worried about the 26 and something billion dollars it paid to own the job hunting space.

The United States and Canada will be the first countries to get these features on both the web and mobile interfaces after which a global rollout is expected.

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