Facebook’s Latest Gaming Push Seems Like A Winner


Leaks have shown that Facebook is planning a big push into gaming by building multiplayer games right into messenger. These lightweight games called as ‘instant games’ will allow users to play against their friends and hopefully make Facebook the number one destination for casual gaming.

Facebook was, in fact, the original destination for casual gaming with massive successes like Farmville, candy crush and others owing their success to the visibility they got on the platform, however, as mobile gaming grew, the social media giant was squeezed out by Google and Apple who controlled access to the app stores.

Now, through the messenger, facebook is hoping to circumvent these tightly protected walls and increase the amount of revenue it gets from in-app purchases. This strategy of facebook seems well thought out and is a continuation of expanding the messenger to being more than just a texting alternative.

The messenger is now host to ‘bots’ that can order taxis, pizza, schedule appointments, meetings, book hotels and much more. Facebook also developed a few native games for messenger that never really became very popular but showcased what could be achieved through proper third party integration.

Getting these game makers on board the new platform was never going to be an issue for facebook and already some of the biggest names in the industry like King are testing their games in limited betas.

The platform also provides a big opportunity for start-ups that quite frankly, the app store or the play store just cannot offer. The possibility of a small game going viral on this new platform is much more than the cluttered app stores.

Facebook is growing at a frenetic pace as a platform but not all is well at the company. User generated content is down and most people now share ‘pre-packaged’ stuff. The company is also lagging behind in key demographics like millennials when it comes to usage with companies like snapchat taking the lead.

The instant games platform seems like the ideal opportunity to try and win back some of these users, while at the same time trying to regain some of the old flavor of facebook where it was not quite the marketing hub that it has become now.

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