Get Rid Of Your Galaxy Note 7 (Replaced Or Not) Now!


As a consumer or a fan of Samsung’s products, you would be right to shake your head in bewilderment and wonder what the hell is going on at the company? After a series of phones catching fire, flubbing up the replacement process and being unable to share the relevant information with their customers, the replacement process finally got under way for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, this too seems to have been a complete catastrophe as replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones are now catching fire. At least 5 such instances have come to light in the last few days in the United States and undoubtedly more such surface.

At this time, it is simply no longer safe to use or be in possession of a Galaxy Note 7. We would encourage anyone that has any Galaxy Note 7 phone with them to replace them or just write them off as a loss.

Samsung has once again declined to comment upon the replacement phones breaking out in fires, although, Korean news agencies are now reporting that the phone has been discontinued from production.

Several other technology commentators have written that Samsung should now cut its losses and discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 line altogether, recall all the devices that are in the market and start working on eliminating the problems in its supply chain that caused this disaster.

Make no mistake, though, this absolute Kafka-esque nightmare for Samsung is going to have repercussions far beyond what is visible right now. The Korean electronics behemoth is the largest phone maker in the world by volume, is the biggest selling phone manufacturer in the Android ecosystem and is the only real viable alternative to Apple when it comes to the premium segment of devices.

It is an important company to balance the market and keep Apple on its toes by pushing the envelope all the time. Unfortunately, it looks like the company has pushed the envelope a little too far too quick and been unable to react with the dexterity required.

Consumer faith in the device and the company itself is shaken and a reputation as a builder of quality devices is now torn to shreds. For quite some time after the event has died down (and eventually it will), every person traveling on a plane will hear dire warnings about using the Galaxy Note 7 on board while all other passengers seem to be using their own phones just fine.

The company needs to meet this problem head on now and come out with a clear statement as to what is happening. It has the money to bear this loss and come good for all the consumers that bought the Galaxy Note 7 and it is its responsibility to do so.

Anything less will be considered a breach of faith and taking advantage of the consumers. Meanwhile, executives at Apple would be jumping in glee as they see their biggest rivals self-destruct in the most spectacular way possible.

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