Google Has A Secret New App Its Working On!


News broke about a week back that Google was coming up with a new app to enter the travel market and now more details have emerged. It looks like Google is trying to provide users with an easy way to organize all their travel plans and offer useful recommendations along the way.

Kind of like how Google Now and Google Maps already function but in a more automated manner.

The main feature that ‘Trips’, as the app is expected to be called, is expected to feature is automatically pulling in information from the user’s Gmail account and then intelligently process that information. Tripit, another travel organizer app, currently functions in much the same manner where it pulls information from the linked email account and then makes an easy to access offline itinerary.

All the information that the app gathers is expected to be shareable. A key differentiating feature of this app will be the manner in which it allows people to leave feedback at places, add photos and add their own recommendations about the areas of interest.

Google seems to be trying to provide an experience to travelers that will negate the need to carry around trip guides while doing all the job of a trip planner as well. If Google can pull off excellent Google Now integration within the app resulting in intelligent food recommendations, information about train timings, sightseeing information, and other offline map features then Trips could soon become the app of choice for travelers all over the world.

It is not difficult to see how Google is positioning this directly as a competitor to TripAdvisor or even Yelp with user generated information being given prime importance, but the years of headstart in gathering information and building trust among the community is going to be difficult for even Google to overcome.

The App is not yet available for public use and screenshots of it have leaked from a private closed beta. There is also no telling when or even if Google will release this app to the general public at all. The current leaked screenshots are of the app being tested on Android, however, Trips is expected to be released for iOS as well.

It makes sense for a travel app to be available to as many people as possible so that as many people as possible can contribute to building out the ecosystem. When Google representatives were asked about the App, they declined to confirm or deny its existence and gave a boilerplate reply on how they were always working on making travelling a better experience for everyone.

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