Google’s Full October 4th Hardware Launch Lineup


The details about what Google has in store for its fans on October 4th are slowly starting to trickle out. We know that the new ‘Pixel phones are going to be the main event but they are going to be joined by some other pretty interesting hardware launches if the rumor mills are to be believed.

Google Home

Google’s AI has started to roll out now as part of what powers its chat app, Allo. It is also going to be the main event of Google’s Echo competitor, Home. There is not much that we know about that product but it is likely to be very similar to Amazon’s offering that packages Alexa into a diminutive Bluetooth speaker.

If you are wondering why Google is suddenly interested in making Bluetooth speakers, then, rest assured, it is not about that at all.

Google is trying to make sure that it gives people a handy gadget that they can place in their living rooms or even in every room and serve as the center of their ‘Smart Homes’. Amazon has taken a huge lead by entering the category before anyone else and growing its third party partnerships at a frenetic pace.

Google, interestingly, has still not released API’s for its Home product and so is likely to have less third-party support than Amazon.

Its brand name and vastly superior digital assistant though are sure to make a huge impact on people looking to buy a similar product.

Google WiFi

Google’s OnHub router was a peculiar product and it was frankly surprising that it ever got made in the first place. It could have served as an ambitious new product that could add value to the users through IoT integration but it was just an overpriced Wifi router.

Yes, it was a good router and was easy to set up but it was just a WiFi router none the less.

Now, Google is expected to add a second Wifi router to its lineup, one hopefully that is priced a little more affordable than the $200 price tag toting OnHub router.

4K Chromecast

The small but powerful Chromecast dongle has been very successful for Google. It has also possibly shown the way forward in the manner the company can attack the smart TV space.

Google is expected to release an updated version of Chromecast at its October 4th event and add the ability to stream 4K content to your TV.

The updated Chromecast dongle is set to be called the Chromecast Ultra and will cost $69. That’s still pretty affordable although almost twice the cost of the regular Chromecast.

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