Google’s Secret New OS: Fuschia


Google is getting serious about the Internet of Things. It has released some cryptic information about a new operating system that is called Fuschia and geared towards powering the internet of things.

What is interesting is that Google has designed this platform to be scalable to mobile devices or even desktop computers. Google already has a few products like the OnHub that help in connecting the home but is planning to increase its presence in the IoT space in a big way.

Google has been unusually slow in responding to Amazon’s challenge for the center of the IoT home with its Echo speaker. Echo, which is powered by Alexa, has been a resounding success and is now grabbing partnerships with third party manufacturers cementing its position as the ‘one device to rule them all’ even more.

Google Home, which still does not have a firm release date is how Google is planning to put its AI in every house. Now, tech enthusiasts are already reading into Google’s message that says, ‘Pink+ Purple= Fuschia’ as a sign that the search giant is getting ready to merge the best features of Android and Chrome OS to build something completely new for its next generation of devices.

That seems like a flight of fancy, based on the current evidence at least, since Fuschia is built on the new Magenta Kernel and is going to use Dart as the main programming language. The look and feel of the device though are expected to align closely with the Material design interface that Google has adopted for Android and Chrome OS.

All signs indicate that Google is just developing something lighter, yet capable of helping future proof its IoT devices.

Google will keep the OS open source, as it has always done so in the past and will hope that it can have an Android like effect on this newly emerging class of devices. It will be intriguing to see if Google can solve some of the problems that have plagued the adoption of IoT like security, ease of use and interoperability or will end up making yet another ‘standard’ that its competitors are loathe to adopt.

Google engineers that have worked on the project remain tight-lipped about the entire thing and indicate that the company will eventually open up about its plans for Fuschia but there is no set time frame for that to occur.

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