Google’s Upcoming Phones Signal A Massive Shift In Strategy


Google is expected to announce two new phones at its even on the 4th of October and it looks like this event will mark a shift in the manner which Google has approached the smartphone business till now. The Nexus lineup was always treated as a reference phone designed to showcase some abilities that Google wanted and even though it was always released with cutting edge hardware, it was never the android device to own.

That moniker has always gone to Samsung, which to its credit, has done remarkably well for itself in a field crowded with some of the biggest phone makers across the world.

Now, as Google abandons the Nexus legacy and possibly gives its latest smartphones the ‘Pixel’ name, Google is ready to change the way it has sold phones.

Both of the phones have been leaked on the internet and we have a fair idea of what is to come and even though rumors of them being made by HTC exist, we are yet to see any definitive HTC branding on them.

Could it be possible that HTC has manufactured the phones for Google, much like it used to do for numerous companies in the past? It is definitely on the cards and would lend credence to the ‘made by Google’ tagline that is being splashed everywhere.

Google is also aware of the fact that the number of companies making truly high-end, well-designed phones is reducing. HTC is struggling to sell phones, LG is not having success with its lineup and the Sony Xperia lineup is too expensive for what it provides.

Yes, companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus and others are making some excellent value for money phones but they are targeting a completely different market by virtue of their price.

Google is becoming more and more dependent on Samsung to be able to let Android be relevant at the top tier end of the market. This realization is probably what drove the executives at Mountain View to come up with something that it believes can be the best that the android eco-system to offer.

It is also a matter of good fortune that this  move will come at a time when Samsung is struggling with the massive loss of credibility thanks to its Galaxy Note 7 recalls.

It is unclear how its hardware partners will react to this move but the reality is that all of them are essentially locked into the Android ecosystem because of the Google Play store. No other mobile OS comes even close to matching the sheer breadth of the Play store even though Apple has a more polished store.

Even if Samsung, LG, and the rest want to revolt that Google is now their competitor on the hardware side of things, they can’t. And Google knows this.

Get ready for huge marketing budgets and a concerted push to set up ‘Pixel’ as the iPhone equivalent in the Android space. Software and Hardware made by Google to hopefully come up with a cohesive and polished user experience.

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