GoPro Is Getting Ready To Release A New Flagship After 2 Years.


It has been a strange last few years for GoPro. The company basically invented the adventure camera space and then went on to dominate it before somewhere losing its mojo down the line. Other competitors stepped up their game, drones started to eat into its market share and lower cost competitors with non-recognizable brands took away the entry level buyers.

GoPro also made some missteps with products that missed the mark. The Hero session was a small, relatively high-quality action camera that was waterproof out of the box and should have done well with consumers. Unfortunately, it was priced way more expensive than its competitors and just did not turn out to be good value.

GoPro also seemed to be playing catch up to other companies when it came to adopting virtual reality and has only recently announced that its virtual reality offerings are ready to be shipped to customers. It’s Karma drone in the meantime has been delayed and may be launched later this year, however, no concrete plan has been announced as yet.

This is why it is exciting that the company is finally readying to launch the heavily leaked Hero 5 flagship camera. Instruction manual leaks and renders have suggested that GoPro is not looking to re-invent the wheel and will stick to the same form factor as previous models.

There has been the suggestion that a rubberized body similar to the Hero session will be used instead of black and silver metal one on the current flagship. The Hero 5 is also expected to be waterproof out of the box. One of the reasons that GoPro cameras have seen dropping sales is that the company makes products that are extremely robust and long lasting.

A person who has the Hero 4 Silver did not have the incentive to upgrade to the latest model because his older one worked just fine and because the improvements were iterative. It would be interesting to see if GoPro can convince consumers to upgrade this time and that it come up with features that will make the 2-year gap in between flagships seem like worth it.

There is currently no news of when this model will be launched but looking at the nature of the leaks it is bound to be sooner rather than later. Who knows, we may still get a look at that elusive drone as well.

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