How To Convert Your Phone Into A Wifi Hidden Camera

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There are many areas where you might need to secretly observe a situation. Perhaps you are concerned about employee theft. Maybe you want to make sure the nanny is kind to your children. Or, possibly, you need to catch that package thief who always comes while you are at work.

(Note: Please be aware of surveillance laws in your state or country before attempting any of these options. We are not offering legal advice, and our suggestions may not be legal in your area. We are not advocating espionage or encouraging you to invade someone’s privacy.)

Method 1: Conceal Your Phone

You can find the perfect hiding place, and then screw things up if the phone gives away its position. You need to make sure that you have turned the volume and vibration settings off (remember, smartphones have several different volume settings that need to be adjusted). Additionally, you will want to disable Alarms as they can often override your volume settings.

Just to be safe, I would turn off all of the apps so that your phone is only recording. You can even put your phone in airplane mode to prevent incoming calls and unwanted flashing or noise.

Then it is a matter of hiding your phone in a place where it can catch a good image without being seen. I find that plants work well as a disguise.

You want to get creative with using objects that are already in the room. If you must introduce an object to the place, try doing so several weeks before you start recording with it.

Keep in mind that if you also need sound, you will want to avoid obstructing the microphone.

Non-smart phones are tough to conceal. They usually don’t support the applications needed for remote surveillance, so the best you can hope of achieving is to hide the phone behind objects in the room.

One last point is to make sure that you have emptied your phone’s memory so that it has enough storage space to capture the video. Also, if the phone is going to be running for awhile, you will need to plug it in so it maintains a charge.

A lot of people just use the built-in video camera feature, but there are some apps available that may make this job easier.

Apps To Convert Your Phone Into A Hidden Camera


Using an Android phone is the most convenient for this job – all you need is an application that allows you to use your phone hands-free (via Wi-Fi). We highly recommend that you use the IP Webcam application, as it’s free to use and download.

Ideally, you will want to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi of your PC. Start the application and allow it to use all of the controls. You will be prompted at the beginning whether you want to “allow IP Webcam access” which you need to allow.

You can then monitor your phone’s camera from your computer if you are on the same WiFi network.


Concealing your iPhone is a bit trickier as there are no free applications for controlling your phone remotely. You can plug your iPhone into a charger, and wait for the results.

Method 2:  Wifi Hidden Cameras Disguised As Everyday Devices

Device looks and functions as usb charger but has tiny camera hidden inside.  There are devices on the market that are designed to capture images discretely. They are disguised as clocks, phone chargers, and smoke detectors.

I especially like the ones designed as chargers. We are so used to seeing chargers, which introducing one into your suspect’s environment is not likely to spook them.

Many of these devices are set up to interface with a local Wifi network. This means that you can access the image remotely using your smartphone or laptop.

They also typically have an SD card, so you can come back later and download the video to your laptop — handy if you need it as court evidence.

These wifi hidden cameras vary in price, but you can pretty much find one for every budget.

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