How To Upgrade Your Older Apple Devices To iOS 10


iOS 10 is about to be released in a couple of days and everyone who is eligible for an upgrade will be waiting anxiously. After all, it brings with some of the biggest and most requested upgrades that Apple fans have been waiting for.

Unfortunately, Apple’s past few upgrades have not been the smoothest. People have complained that their devices slowed down, the downloads took ages and that some of them even lost all their data.

Here is a handy checklist of things to do to help avoid all of these pitfalls.

Back Up Your Data

This really should not need to be said but it happens so often that it makes the top of the list. Any operating system upgrade on any devices is a pretty major operation. A number of things can go wrong that can lead to an error and the destruction of all of the data inside.

Yes, most people think that nothing will happen and for most nothing will. For all others, though, having a recent data backup will mean that they are protected either way.

Free Up Some Space

After the fiasco upgrading to iOS 9, Apple made sure that future upgrades never have to go through that trouble again. If your device is on any version of iOS 9 or later then the device will make all the storage necessary to make the upgrade happen on its own.

For all others, though, removing those apps that you never use and transferring all your pictures and videos to the cloud may be the way to go.

Wait For Some Time

Yes, we know that you cannot wait for the latest and greatest features of iOS and must have the upgrade immediately. Unfortunately, though, that is the time that the Apple servers will be being bombarded with requests from all over the world and will likely suffer slowdowns.

Any kinks or glitches that can creep into the process will also be unknown at this time. Wait for the crowd to think a little bit and make sure that no widespread issues are being reported before you upgrade.

Update All your Apps

One of the most common complaints that people have after upgrading their device is that their loved apps do not work as well anymore. While this is not foolproof, most of the times this heartache can be avoided by upgrading all the applications before upgrading the operating system.

Apple gives its developers plenty of head start to be able to issue updates that will make their apps compliant with the latest version of the operating system and so make sure that all the apps that you decide to keep around are absolutely up to date.

Happy Upgrading!


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