HP’s MacBook Killer Is Gorgeous And Powerful


The PC market is shrinking and seems to be in an unstoppable downward spiral with each company trying to race each other to the bottom. At least, that’s what the pessimists will tell you. Thankfully, though, more and more PC makers are realizing that building a compelling product with premium materials and a hefty margin may be the best way to stay in business and compete with Apple.

HP ‘s latest attempt to capture the premium laptop market is showcased in the Spectre. It is a 13-inch laptop that currently holds the title of the world’s thinnest laptop and is made out of aluminum and lightweight carbon fiber.

It is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

The MacBook from Apple and Dell’s XPS 13 are already thin enough some would say, but the HP Spectre just oozes high end when placed on a table. It’s 10.4 mm thick and weighs only 2.45 pounds. Admittedly it is not the lightest ultrabook around, however, it is pretty comfortable to lug around.

The team at HP has also taken some risks with the deign including a shiny piece of bronze along the edge of the laptop. We found that to be eye-catching and a good addition although your mileage may vary!

The real beauty of the laptop though is not on the outside. It’s on the inside. HP has bucked the trend of fitting these ultraportable laptops with a Core M processor and instead managed to fit the much more powerful Core I series inside the Spectre.

According to company representatives, this required a lot of ingenious engineering from HP which required a special thin battery unit, a heat dispersing unit, and fans to help keep the laptop from becoming unbearably hot.

All of this required some hard decisions to be made and so HP did not include a 4K display or a touchscreen or any of the funky hinge mechanisms are seen on laptops these days. HP basically set out to design a straight competitor to the Apple MacBook and it seems to have succeeded at least from a design point of view.

One of the drawbacks of having a powerful processor in such a thin laptop is that the battery life has to be somewhat compromised. HP is claiming that the Spectre will get 9.5 hours of battery life, which is very decent, but nor best in class.

The laptop will be available in May and will start out at $1169.99 with preorders starting on April the 25th.

All in all, it is nice to see HP take some risks with its design language and make a play for a high-end laptop catering to those people who want the convenience of an ultrabook paired with the power of a much bigger laptop.


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