IBM’s Revolutionary New Machine Learning/Big Data Platform.


2016 will probably be remembered as the year when AI became truly mainstream with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and more all pushing their new ‘bots’ powered by AI and promising to make the consumer’s life easier through the help of newer, improved digital assistants.

In our opinion, though there was a much more significant announcement made by IBM when they officially set up the first IBM Watson Data platform which puts machine learning, big data analysis, and AI-powered analysis into the hands of everyday users and developers.

According to IBM, anyone including those who have not studied/used/or even know about machine learning will be able to use its platform to optimize their services across a wide range of industries and train their own AI.

This platform is powered by IBM’s Watson AI, which is the company’s flagship brand under which it has done some truly pioneering things over the last few years. Now, by opening up this raw computing power to companies of all sizes, including the smallest developers, IBM is hoping that a new wave of creative solutions will come to market.

This platform by IBM is different than what anyone else has done up until now. Facebook and Microsoft have for example been pushing ‘bots’ which use the power of AI but as a development standard on which to build something for a particular platform.

Here, anyone can bring a data set and feed it into IBM’s platform and get an analysis of that data, statistical models, interpretations, have inefficiencies pointed out and much more. This is the only platform that is currently offering companies a simple way to integrate a data-first approach through the entire organization.

The implementation of such an approach can be revolutionary. Think about logistic companies that are able to analyze their various routes and come up with improved efficiencies or insurance companies that are able to assess risk for every policy that they sell individually or manufacturing companies that are able to monitor their machines and intervene before they break down rather than after.

The possibilities are endless. For IBM too, this could be a huge market in the near future and could end up being one of the core businesses for the company, something like cloud services has become for Microsoft and Amazon.

There will be competition from other companies of course but IBM has put itself in an excellent position to exploit this upcoming field by moving first to the marker.

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