iOS 10 Public Beta Has Arrived, Here’s How To Download It Now

iOS 10 is a major upgrade that iOS users waited for years. It brings lots of new features and it really looks like a major upgrade. New features include updated Messages, improved photo search, and redesigned control panel, among others. If you want to test it right now, it is possible just follow these simple steps.

Firstly, you have to register for the Apple Beta Software Program, just follow this link. Bear in mind that you have to own iOS 10 compatible device. After you registered, make sure that you performed a backup, since iOS 10 is still in beta stage and some bugs and errors are still present.

Ok, now that you have backed up all important files, go to; download and configure your profile. Just a couple more steps and you’re ready to go.

iOs 10

Now your device should inform you about the installation of the beta file; don’t worry you just need to go through a simple process in order to make your device ready for the update. After all, this is finished, got to Settings, then General, And finally Software and just click on “Download and Install.” That’s It! You’re now ready to enjoy in all of the new features coming with iOS 10. Some of these new features are:

Raise To Wake: A small but extremely handy feature. All you have to do is to pick up your device and it will wake up, showing all notifications. Of course, you still have to press the home button in order to get past the lock screen. At least you’ll see all your notifications without pressing a single button, and that’s something Android users had for years.

Apple Music: Apple Music finally got redesigned. The user interface is cleaner, stuff is easier to find, and the app looks much simpler than before. Yay!

Redesigned Maps: UI is cleaner, and Apple Maps now look much better. Also, navigation is much simpler.

New Messages: Ok, this is where things get interesting. There’s a catch, though. In order to try out new goodies, you’ll have to find someone else who also has iOS 10 beta installed. If that problem is solved you can now use invisible ink, extra-large emojis, stickers, and all kinds of new stuff.  Although Messages now support third-party apps, you won’t find one since iOS 10 is still in beta.

Delete First Party Apps: Yes, this is finally enabled. You can get rid of all apps you don’t need, or don’t want. Don’t worry, you won’t lose them for good, they can be restored via the App Store. Although most first party apps can be removed, some apps like Health, Photos, or App Store can’t be removed.

There are lots more of new features but you must find them yourself, we didn’t want to show you all of the new stuff and spoil the fun of discovering new stuff. We hope that you’ll love new iOS and that new features will indeed prove handy.

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