Is Nintendo Switch Able To Make A Gaming Revolution?

Nintendo unveiled its new console a couple of days ago, and the world has gone crazy about it. The company’s worth was skyrocketed, the gamers from all around the world are hyped, and the new console features are pretty interesting. Nintendo is trying to make two worlds, portable gaming and old school, sit-in-your-chair gaming, unite. And by the looks of it, Nintendo Switch has pretty good chances of making that happen.


The console looks awesome, with a detachable controller, large and bright screen, and the dock used for connecting the console to TV and for charging it (it doesn’t have additional RAM, CPU or anything else, it just serves for docking the console and for charging it). The first console trailer showed the Switch running some AAA games like Skyrim, NBA 2K, A new Zelda, and Mario games, as well as Mario Kart. The best feature of the upcoming console is its seamless ability to enable the user to play favorite games anywhere.


Start playing in your living room, then just connect the controller to the console and go wherever you want to, bringing all your favorite games with you. The perfect feature that won’t be a part of PlayStation or Xbox at least ‘till a new generation of consoles land (and by new generation, we mean a completely new generation, not PS4 Pro and Xbox project Scorpio).

Nintendo made a couple of gaming revolutions before; they were the first to present a portable console, with Game Boy. They were the first to enable gamers to do some work out while gaming with Wii. Wii was more successful than PS3 and Xbox 360, but with WiiU the company made some pretty bad moves. They haven’t promoted the console in a right way, making many people believe WiiU was actually an accessory for Wii. Also, the price was just too high. And we also have the old Nintendo’s problem of making third-party developers interested enough in the new console to make games for it.


Fortunately, it seems Nintendo learned from WiiU fiasco; the trailer for the new console clearly shows all cool features, while at the same time explicitly shows that the Switch is a completely new product. The price should be affordable enough to make casual gamers pick up the Switch. And if you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see dozens of third party developers who decided to support the upcoming console. EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Square Enix, Epic Games, Capcom, Bethesda, Konami and many more are official Nintendo Switch partners, meaning that the upcoming console will hopefully have a strong lineup of launch titles, the most important part of any console launch. It’s simple, if you don’t have enough interesting games to pick from, you won’t be interested in getting a new console.


Nintendo Switch should be powered by a new generation of Nvidia Tegra mobile GPU. It is a new chip, custom built for the Switch, based on the latest Pascal architecture, which should pack plenty of power. It will probably lag a bit compared to PS 4 and Xbox One, but it should be powerful enough to run all latest games. The Switch could become the next big thing in gaming. All it needs is a competitive pricing, plenty of interesting titles to choose from, and a battery large enough to give you at least 3-4 hours of gaming on-the-go. We must wait for 2017 to see what Nintendo has in store for us but are sure that the Switch will become very popular once it gets out.

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