Is This The Best Time To Buy A Phone?

Which phone should I buy? Is this the best time to buy a phone?

These are the two most common questions that a tech journalist or anyone working in the industry gets asked most often. The truth of the matter is that the smartphone market has matured so much that it is really difficult to pick up a bad device. You can choose any of the current flagships from Apple, Samsung (EXCEPT THE NOTE 7), LG, Huawei, One Plus and more and be guaranteed of getting a good phone.

In fact, you can even buy last year’s flagship phone and be rest assured that you are not getting stuck with an ‘outdated’ device. It’s just an older device.

So, coming to the questions at hand.

Here is the short answer. Unless you are looking to buy an iPhone, hold off on buying a phone. If you are looking to buy an iPhone then go ahead and buy the 7. You probably know its pros and cons and will learn to live with it.

For everyone else, which is almost all Android, this could be the single worst time to buy a phone. Every major phone manufacturer is about to release a new version of their flagship phone. The LG G6 has been leaked in some photos and it looks gorgeous. LG has abandoned its modular design and gone for an all-metal unibody design that will probably have a minimum amount of bezel on the front.

Details about the hardware are scarce but there is a very good chance of the phone being the first non-Pixel phone to have the Google Assistant fully baked in it.

Samsung is also expected to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress next month with a release shortly after. That phone too looks to be going to the ‘bezel-less route’ and will probably offer a much larger screen in the same sized phone.

Samsung is also going all out to try and convince users it has the battery problem sorted, so you can probably take the company’s word for it.

Xiaomi and Huawei are also readying their flagship releases for the year and both the companies have now refined their offerings enough to be taken seriously by anyone looking to buy a smartphone.

Waiting for a just a little bit longer will also help users get in on some excellent deals on last year’s flagship phones. There will be a price drop plus some offers to help get rid of old inventory. The used phone market will also flood in with older phones as people look to upgrade.

In short, the best time to buy an Android smartphone is just around the corner and you don’t want to pull the trigger too early.

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