John Gruber Is Talking Up A Revolutionary New iPhone



Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 seems to be getting a lot of bad press lately. There have been murmurs that Apple is going to skip the standard headphone jack this year as well as renders showing the phone to be an incremental update from the iPhone 6S. Of course, the fact that the 6S was in itself near identical to the iPhone 6 is a problem for industry commentators.

To them, it is a sign that Apple is running out of ideas and is just rehashing its old ones. The iPhone SE which is exactly what the iPhone 5 was makes it hard to argue against that.

Now, the latest rumour from famed Apple watcher John Gruber says that Apple is basically putting put a stopgap solution saving its ‘real’ reveal for the year after. That year being 2017 will also be the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone and so Apple wants to do something really special.

According to Gruber, his credible sources tell him that something special to blow us all away will involve a bezel-less display that will incorporate all of Apple’s current sensors into the screen itself. It is not something entire preposterous considering LG demoed a similar display with the fingerprint reader built right into the display a few days back.

Gruber says that Apple is going to run with this idea and really turn it up a notch to include everything from its front facing camera to the speakers into the screen. There is also the speculation that Apple will skip an ‘S’ year I 2017 and go straight to the iPhone 8.

Our Take

This seems like a classic marketing move from Apple where it is trying to lower the expectations from this year’s phone and diverting attention away from it by putting out some crazy rumours. It has been a couple of years now that Apple has been struggling to find the excellence it used to so effortlessly achieve in design.

The quality of its construction and materials being used though has remained industry leading and its brand remains as strong as ever. The iPhone 7 will have to be a real disaster for it to be abandoned by the legion of Apple fans all over the world.

The initial signs do not seem very encouraging for people who were hoping that the jump in model number will bring with it some revolutionary design changes, but there is still plenty of time for Apple to add some neat tricks into this year’s release.


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