Leaked Pictures Promise A Better Camera For The iPhone7


The rumour train for the iPhone 7 has well and truly left the station. The latest leaks from Rock Fix, a Chinese gadget repair shop claims that the iPhone 7 will be released in three versions, one of which will get to keep the headphone jack and that there will also be a bigger, improved camera assembly included.

This is an encouraging sign and we hope that it’s accurate because even though the iPhone 6S remains one of the better cameras in the market, it has been supplanted by Galaxy S7 and the S7edge as the best cameras in phones right now.

The leaked pictures show a larger CMOS sensor and the possibility for larger sized pixels that improve the low light performance of the phones.

There are other leaks that promise a dual-SIM version, 256 GB of memory on the top selling version and the likelihood  of differing little in terms of design from last year’s phones.

Apple has been having a tough time of late as its iPhone sales slow down and other efforts like the Apple Watch have not quite found the amount of traction the company would have expected. An iterative design too has spooked the market that thinks that Apple is falling too far behind the competition and that recycling the same design three years in a row will leave the public underwhelmed.

This could be one of the reasons why the company is planning to introduce a lower-priced version to try and chalk up larger sales numbers in price sensitive markets like India and China. Dual-SIM too is a highly sought after feature in these markets and seems to be a part of the increased focus on these regions.

The next version of the iOS too focussed on refinement rather than the pursuit of new features, a theme that seems to be repeating itself across all of Apple’s products right now.

It looks like the company has been coasting on the successes of its iPhone business for the last few years and has gotten complacent. It is no longer pushing the envelope when it comes to design or technology.

No one expects it to compete with Samsung and other Android manufacturers on specs or price but it does need to show that it still has something special to offer beyond the Apple name.

Make no mistake, the iPhone 7, as it is expected to be called, is going to sell in huge numbers but it just may not be possible to maintain the kind of growth Apple did in markets where Smartphone ownership and usage is maturing.

At any rate, all the leaks suggest that this version of the iPhone is not going to be the radical new change we were hoping for.

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