LG Promises It’s G6 Will Be A Multitasking Beast

The LG G6 has not been released yet but all the signs point to a much-improved flagship device this year after the flawed G5 modular experiment. Leaks, as well as carefully prepared Press shots, have given us some idea of what to expect with this device, though.

For one thing, LG has shelved the modular experiment and by all indications, plastic, as well. This should be the first all metal flagship that is released from LG. It was the last holdout from the previous era of smartphones, although, HTC seems to be going back to integrating plastic in its products.

One of the main features of the LG G6 is going to be the huge screen, with minimal bezels, that is being promised. The promised 5.7 Quad HD plus display has an 18:9 ratio that will make it pretty unique among competitors.

LG has now released a press video showing that multi-tasking will be the main focus of integrating such a large display and make it easy to snap apps side by side. This was something that Samsung has been doing for a long time now and it remains to be seen if LG can provide the same kind of software polish that Samsung managed after a few years Note releases.

There also promises to be a ‘square’ camera shot that will take Instagram ready shots and allow users to compare shots side by side once again.

There has not been a formal announcement but rumors also point to Google Assistant integration in this phone, the first one outside of the Pixel, which would be another big draw to Android nerds.

With the Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away and Samsung not releasing its next version of the Galaxy phone at the event this year, LG has a good chance of grabbing center stage and possibly even sell large numbers of its latest smartphone.

As HTC would attest to, just making an excellent smartphone is not enough if people do not buy it in large enough numbers.

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