LG Re-invents Smartphones with the G5

The LG G5 looks to be the most interesting smartphone to have been released over the last few years. Most companies have stuck to the tried and tested design language or added useless gimmicks that really do not add anything to functionality (Looking at 3D touch here Apple!), LG’s revolutionary modular smartphone though is a clear departure from anything that we have seen earlier.There have been a few companies that have been showcasing modular devices (Including Google), however, they always seemed a worthwhile experiment that was still many years off.

The Korean company seems to have pulled it off pretty neatly, though. It introduced its latest flagship at Mobile World Congress and the initial reviews seem to be very positive. LG’s G series has always been reviewed as one of the best smartphones around but never quite reached the peak Samsung’s Galaxy series has. A part of the reason for this could be that LG was trying to outdo Samsung at what it does best, and that’s cram every piece of innovation it can think of into one package.

This may make the phone appear superior on paper, however, does not always make for the best smartphones in real world use. The modular approach has actually allowed LG to build a more focused phone than it ever has. The G5 is slim, has an all aluminum construction and is smaller than previous generations. It also does not sacrifice any of the functionality thanks to easy to swap out modular options for high-quality photography, Virtual Reality, music and battery life.

This really does seem like the best of both worlds and no other company in the world offers something like that currently. There are some unknowns that remain, including pricing, real world usage, the durability of the modular components, however, the potential seems to be limitless.

LG could easily open up development for more modular components to third party suppliers and have a robust ecosystem, much like Apple does. The modular design also recognizes that people have different needs at different times and so having the ability to ‘supercharge’ one capability when you need it most could be a real draw.

Most importantly, though, LG has never been seen as one of the ‘true innovators’ in the consumer technology space and this perception could change with the G5. One indicator of this is the simple fact that Samsung has launched its latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones within a day of LG’s announcement, yet most tech enthusiasts seem more excited about getting their hands on the G5.

Microsoft showed that design can be a wonderful starting off point with its Surface line, which has now matured to one of the best hybrid PC lines in the market. It has also forced every other manufacturer to take notice and follow suit. We could be looking at a similar design evolution in smartphones if the G5 lives up to expectations.

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