Lots Of Tech Giants Are Interested In Twitter

When talking about Twitter two things come up in almost every conversation; the company’s poor profits and the fact that many users don’t have a clear view of what Twitter really is. Is it a social network? Is it a premier news source? A microblogging platform? This confusion leads to profits going down the rut and is one of the main reasons for the recent changes brought to Twitter.

The character limit cap doesn’t anymore include embedded pictures, gifs, videos and other types of content, making Twitter less of a micro-post social network and more towards its future as the first choice for latest news, but that’s just one scenario. IT seems the company’s trying to make its own image, image users will recognize, making the company finally fully defined in the eyes of its users, although those changes can’t guarantee the users will actually change their view of Twitter.

All this lead to many recent rumors telling about a potential buyout of Twitter, and in the recent days those rumors swarmed the web, leading many to believe the microblogging/social network will soon be sold.


Potential bidders come from all over; there are reports hinting Google is interested, as well as Salesforce, as well as Microsoft and Verizon. Google buying Twitter wouldn’t be a surprise at all; we all know Google is desperate on making (or acquiring) a popular social networking platform. Remember Google Buzz? It was the first attempt by Google of making its own social network, a failed attempt at making a competitor to Facebook, an attempt which disappeared in a matter of months, long forgotten by most people.

From then on Google brought Android, made a relatively successful Google+ (mostly because Google account automatically meant a Google+ account), and is now trying hard to make YouTube the next big social network, without big success. Further, Twitter is a heaven for ad-relevant data. Having a search engine is great and all, but the most valuable user data is found on social networks (a thing Facebook knows too well, they slow but steady are getting closer and closer to Google regarding profit made from ads), and Google could buy Twitter just because of its users.

Microsoft is another relevant bidder since the company already made some at-the-first-sight-unrelated purchases, like when it bought LinkedIn, apparently just to stop Salesforce from acquiring the business-related pseudo social network. And Microsoft has the money, after all, making the company one serious potential bidder.

Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, a gold mine of user data for every potential buyer. The company had large problems in finding a way of monetizing its users, and huge profit-related problems. For now, Google looks like the best candidate. They need a social network, they could make Twitter profitable and more popular, especially if tying the platform with Android. At the moment, Twitter’s market cap is $13.3 billion, and the company opened for trading yesterday.

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