Man Spends $1 Million On ‘Free’ Game!

We at Techigy have a serious grouse against ‘free’ to play games that continue to gouge their customers and compromise gameplay through in-app purchases. An incident of one man going seriously overboard to gain an advantage at one of these games has come to light where the person in question spent an approximate $1 Million on Game of War in-app purchases.

You read that right. $1 Million.

Of course, the man was spending his company’s money illegally and embezzled a total of $4.8 Million. His other purchases with the stolen money included buying fancy cars, golf memberships, plastic surgery and football season tickets but we find it somewhat telling that this person chose to spend 20% of his ill-gotten wealth on a free game!

Game Of War is not the only game that makes its money through in-game purchases, but it is certainly one of the companies that have mastered the art of getting their customers to spend money to play. The game, which reportedly earns its makers 1$ million dollars a day is all about building armies and getting them ready for battle.

Unlike other games where the free users and paid users are almost on par with each other, Game of War offers it’s paying players massive advantages and lets them dominate. Interestingly, though, the players do not actually get to keep what they are paying for and instead have to buy consumable artificial resources.

The paying players of Game of War pay an estimated $550 per annum on the game, a figure, which is completely insane in our opinion. Kudos to Machine Zone (the company behind Game of War), however, it represents everything that is wrong about these kinds of games in the first place in the first place.

This kind of spending also puts into perspective the ‘high’ price of $9.99 that Nintendo is going to charge for its highly polished, surprisingly detailed and much anticipated Mario Run game. It also helps understand why every game maker wants to spend a decent amount of money creating free games that appeal to casual non-gamers.

The man behind this insane spending spree has been convicted of money laundering and is looking at 20 years of prison time.


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