Microsoft Doesn’t Plan To Be On The Hardware Side Of Self-Driving Cars

Microsoft has a lot of things going on right now. They’re trying to bring more and more users to migrate to Windows 10, Their HoloLens AR kit is getting shaped up and slowly going into ready-for-mass-market-release stage, there are more and more rumors about Surface Phone that’ll replace Lumia Windows phones, and their Xbox department is getting ready to bring big titles to this year’s E3 show. But their relationship with self-driving cars is probably going to stay just on the software side.

Microsoft Build 2016

At the Converge Conference in Hong Kong, Peggy Johnson, head of business development at Microsoft revealed that the software giant will build software for self-driving cars, and software alone. Peggy stated that “We (Microsoft) won’t be building our own autonomous vehicle but we would like to enable autonomous vehicles and assisted driving as well,” telling us that Microsoft either isn’t ready to jump into autonomous driving cars yet, or that they won’t be building their own self-driving car at all. Although Peggy stated that Microsoft won’t bring any hardware for self-driving cars, it is known that Microsoft had similar statements in the past, just to later go over them. Like when they bought a phone manufacturing business from Nokia, or when they decided to enter the tablet market with Surface.

Microsoft Self-driving 1

Jonson said that “We in different ways enabled a variety of different partners and you’ll see us continuing to do that.” It is known that Microsoft provided software for cars in the past. They cooperated with BMW, Nissan, Fiat, and Ford to bring specialized versions of Windows in order to create unique interfaces used in cars and this cooperation will just move on to a next level. For example, Harman will integrate Office 365 into their infotainment system, with the whole package being present.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint will all be part of Harman’s infotainment system; you’ll be able to build a presentation, respond to emails, and even perform conference hands-free calls, but it is questionable who would want to use Office in a car? It’s ok to check your mail, but do you really want to write in Word, or build a presentation inside a car? Although, if you have kids who go to school, they might like these features, especially if they need to finish their presentation, or an essay while going to school. Peggy asked the audience “You’re sitting in the car for many, many minutes a day. Can that be part of your new office, can it be your new desk, a place where you actually get work done?”, and immediately after she provided an answer, “We believe it can.” Well, we believe that most people won’t like the idea of viewing their car as the part of their office, but Microsoft probably knows better.

Mi9crosoft Self-driving 2

It is still unknown will Microsoft bring the entire Windows OS into your car. They revealed their Windows in the car plans a couple of years ago, but we still don’t know much about it. Knowing Microsoft, they probably have plans for that to become a reality, they just wait for a perfect opportunity to bring it to the public.

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