Nest Announces It’s Next Hardware Release: The Nest Outdoor Security Camera


Nest has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The company, which was bought by Google, lost its way somewhere along the line even though the products it was serving up were excellent. There just were not enough products apparently for the company to be achieving the numbers it wanted to and that could be one the main reasons why Tony Fadell, Nest founder, had to be unceremoniously moved out of active operations.

The company just announced its latest product, though, the Nest Outdoor camera, which promises to fix some of the common bugbears customers have with this kind of things.

It is designed to look absolutely beautiful, in classic Nest fashion, and be extremely easy to install. It comes with a magnetic mount which can be used to attach the Next Outdoor cam to any metallic surface with ridiculous ease.

The camera is near identical to the excellent Nest Cam (essentially a rebranded Dropcam) and that is a good thing. It has a wide angle lens capable of capturing 133 degrees of vision and an all glass lens. Video capture goes up to 1080p, something that you would expect with a camera of this quality and has the ability to capture images at night thanks to the included eight infra-red LED’s.

Both the outdoor version and the indoor version cost exactly the same at $199.

One of the things that the Nest Outdoor Camera does differently is that it comes with a power cord allowing it to be plugged in and thus is able to always keep recording. Most other camera’s come with an inbuilt battery that runs the risk of running out and also remain switched off by default until they sense some motion in their field of view.

If you are the kind of person that does not trust the inbuilt motion sensing software then having a camera which is always on would give you some added peace of mind. Of course, there is the caveat that someone extremely keen to avoid detection could just simply follow the power cable and simply unplug it.

Outdoor cameras are always prone to tampering simply due to them being out in the open and so as a user you have to try and decide what features puts you most at ease because no one camera is going to be invulnerable.

Nest does include software to provide you an alert if your camera is switched off and should, in theory, be able to take a snapshot of the last person in the view of the camera.

Part of the security promise that Nest is making includes the ability to receive alerts when a recognized human object is in designated areas, a two-way speaker that can be used as a convenience feature or as a deterrent and a cloud service that backs up 30 days of constant streaming for you to be able to access whenever you want.

Some of these features are a part of the subscription package that will set you back an addition $10 a month.

Nest may or may not survive in its current form and could well be on its way to being hived off, however, it is nice to see the company return to what it does best and that’s making high-quality, user-friendly hardware with unique features to set it apart.

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