New Wearable Device Is Much Smaller Than Any Smart Band

Ok, so now you think “what in the earth can be smaller and lighter than a smart band?” Well, BioRing is, as you might guess by now, a wearable in the form of a ring. It looks minimalistically stunning, it’s extremely comfortable, it’s packed with sensors, and it looks great on any finger. Someone finally thought of something genuinely novel, since almost all of wearables either look like a watch or go in the direction of a regular fitness band.

BioRing 2

Michael Johnson, co-founder of BioRing, stated in an interview with Tech Times that, “Having a small ring around your finger gives you more flexibility in your daily life,” and that, “Many wrist-worn wearables are big and feel unnatural to wear. Our vision was to create something that works with any outfit and in any situation.”

We have to coincide with him, in the world where sensors can be placed inside almost anything, writs-worn wearables indeed look like something big, bulky and unpleasant to wear; we presume that BioRing will start a new trend, we just have to wait until it becomes relatively popular to see big-name companies start introducing their “new and exciting” fitness rings.

As we already said, BioRing is packed with sensors. The device has three sensors; one of them measures distance and steps (3-axis accelerometer), bioimpedance sensor measures your food intake, as well as how much carbs, fat and proteins you ingest during the day. It can do that by measuring variation in fluid levels inside user’s cells, which happens when carbs dissolute into glucose. A third sensor, an optical HR sensor, measures heart rate, heart health, and activity concentration. BioRing is also capable of measuring water level, stress level, and sleep level.

BioRing (the company, not the particular product) developed an algorithm which is capable of calculating caloric intake and not just that but also macro-nutrients breakdown; but in order to measure the information precise enough, it needs around one week to learn user’s metabolism, since every person has a different rate of metabolism.

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“Other fitness trackers only measure your calorie burn. BioRing measures both your calorie burn and your calorie intake automatically, giving you your calorie balance. If you are eating more calories that you are burning, you are gaining weight. Our app is very user-friendly and works as your personal coach and helps you reach your weight goals unlike any other device,” Johnson said.

BioRing is made out of ceramic zirconium, and is able of alerting you to drink more water, and when to relax, in order to lower your stress level. Aside from sensors, BioRing is equipped with vibration, is waterproof and it features Bluetooth Smart, in order of being capable to sync with user’s smartphone. Bluetooth Smart also encrypts all data being synced, so you can relax and don’t worry about someone being able to hack your data. Oh, and the battery will last you for a week with just one charge.

You can check it out on Indiegogo, where BioRing already surpassed its $50,000 goal. At the moment, you can back it and get one for $199, or two for just $249, along with one year warranty.

Source: Tech Times

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