Noted Apple Analyst Reveals Possible Details About The Next iPhone

It is a new year and that means that we can expect a steadily increasing stream of iPhone rumors as we approach September. This year is an especially big one for Apple watchers as it is the tenth year since Apple first changed the smartphone landscape with the iPhone.

After three years of not changing the design of its iPhone, most analysts expect that Apple will skip the ‘S’ this year and go to the iPhone 8 or anniversary edition or whatever they decide to call it. A particularly interesting rumor has come quite early in the year from a noted Apple analyst.

According to Kuo Ming-Chi, the nest iPhone will sport a new bezel-less design and feature facial recognition as the primary method of security. He also goes on to claim that the new iPhone is going to have an OLED panel like Samsung, a change which we really hope will materialize since it is certain to percolate down the entire smartphone category.

Apple is under pressure from analysts to come up with a knockout winner especially after a couple of quarters of slowing smartphone growth. It has also not been forthcoming about exact Apple Watch figures instead revealing vague statements about having ‘the best holiday season ever’.

The Smartphone category as a whole is not going anywhere soon but Apple would be under some pressure to come up with the next big thing to show its shareholders it will stay at the forefront of technology for the years to come.

It is quite soon for anything to be certain at this point and you never know if Apple ends up making some last minute changes, however, having Ming-Chi corroborate some of the rumors that have been floating around gives us some hope that this could be a blockbuster year for iPhone users.

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