NVIDIA Released Ansel, a Powerful Screenshot-Taking Tool

Taking video games screenshots is a hobby for many gamers; all of us love to grab those perfect images depicting just how beautiful video games can be. But, until now, we were limited when taking screenshots; rudimentary options, a resolution that can’t be changed, constrained within your monitor resolution, a few free camera modes that had to be installed over original game files that not all of us can do. But now, all of that can change.

Nvidia Ansel


A new tool from Nvidia, named Ansel, is a powerful photo mode that should work with most of the modern games. Ansel will take screenshots taken in-game to a whole new level, potentially making a creative genius out of every gamer willing to use it. Plethora of options, easy to use interface, and compatibility with most games make Ansel a potential prime choice for taking video game screenshots. The name is a nod to the legendary photographer, Ansel Adams.

Ansel allows you to freeze time in-game, enabling you to pick a perfect moment for taking that one-of-a-kind screenshot; there are options allowing you to make 360° panoramas, perfect for use with VR kits; but that’s not all, there are many more features that will make you cry tears of joy.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting features of Ansel:

360° capture – As we said already Ansel is capable of capturing 360° panoramic screenshots; they are viable in Google Cardboard, or any other VR device, another strong reason to buy Rift or HTC Vive. Nvidia released and app for Android named NVIDIA VR Viewer that comes bundled with some amazing panoramic screenshots so you can check out the new technology right now if owning Cardboard.

Super Resolution – Since regular in-game screenshots are limited to your monitor resolution Nvidia added a super-resolution mode, that’s part of Ansel. Max screenshot resolution is insanely high – 4.5 gigapixels! Nvidia claims that super-sampled shots can be saved in just seconds, because of the insanely high power of new Pascal-based video cards.

Free Camera – Similar to free camera modes available for a couple of games, Ansel’s Free Camera lets you rotate the view, zoom it, change the angle and reposition image. With a dose of patience, you can grab that never reached perfect screenshot.

Post Process filters that enable you to change color saturation, brightness, field of view, to mention just some options. You can also apply filters, and to create your own special filters, if you have the time and knowledge.

Ansel also gives you the option to export screenshots in the OpenEXR format, perfect for high-dynamic range monitors; if there’s need, shots can be edited in photo-editing tools.

Nvidia created a perfect screenshot capturing tool. Ansel could become the perfect choice for any gamer, and with the addition of other cool stuff, like Shadowplay, Nvidia will certainly stay on the throne, way ahead of AMD, both in profit and technology.

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