Oculus Adds Social Features, Games and More to Samsung Gear VR

It seems that Facebook’s plans about making VR the next level of social networks is slowly starting to become reality. Oculus, a VR company owned by Facebook, posted a blog post in which talks about new features for Samsung Gear VR kit that will allow you to (if own one) find your friends and spend some time with them in VR. Starting March 10, owners of Gear VR can create a profile and search for others on the Oculus Social platform. When you find your friends, you can invite them to play games with you, watch videos together and more, all in VR.

There are two games that can be played in multiplayer modes. One of them is Social Trivia, a title made by Oculus that can be enjoyed with up to four friends and that lets you compete in answering a variety of questions, in VR!


Social Trivia

Herobound: Gladiators, is the other multiplayer title for Gear VR users. It is an action game, played in co-op mode in teams of up to five people. They fight together against hordes of goblins and demons in arena-type battlefields.


Herobound: Gladiators

The third new feature is the ability to connect your Facebook account with Oculus Video. This will enable you to create your own 360-degrees wide video feed, made out of the pages you liked and followed and people who are your Facebook friends. The cherry on top is the ability to share and even like videos that you added to your Facebook video wall. In addition to your personalized Facebook 360 videos, you’ll be able to watch trending and featured Facebook 360 videos from Facebook Videos tab in Oculus Video.

Another new feature is the option of creating virtual rooms in which friends can “gather” and watch videos together. Now you don’t have to get out your house in order to watch movies with friends, a bit disturbing. Users are now also able to leave reviews for all apps present on the Oculus Store. Oculus also announced the release of new tools for developers later during the March, enabling independent developers to create their own social apps and games for the platform.


It seems that Samsung Gear VR is used as a testing ground for features Facebook is planning to bring with Oculus Rift. Gear VR is an excellent platform for these kinds of experiments; it will be interesting to see social features that Oculus Rift will have at the launch because it seems that beta tests are already under way. But, for now, we can be assured that first generation of Rift will come with many social features enabled.

Of course, the second generation of Oculus Rift will probably be turning point in the evolution of social networks and, generally, social interactions between people. It will be much cheaper than the first one, making potential user base much bigger. Second, VR will be accepted in much greater degree when the second generation of Oculus Rift comes by. And third, Facebook will have much more experience with VR social interactions. The potential result could be the move of online social interactions from chat and video to virtual reality.

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