Omni Calculator Has Calculator For Every Occasion And Even Lets You Make One

Have you ever caught yourself calculating how much something will cost with a discount, or how much calories your body spend when walking one mile and then suddenly wished for a calculator that would solve all of your math problems in a sec? Well, it seems that, from now on, you’ll get a chance to calculate everything you want, from international wire transfers, all the way to how much bricks you’ll need to build a wall.

One man, Mateusz Mucha, enabled all this. He’s a sociologist, turned entrepreneur. After successfully built three startups from the ground up, he now wants to give the world a gift of embedded calculators that can be customized in order to solve all of your everyday math problems. And he’s serious about it; his new project, named Omni Calculator, already has three employees and is completely bootstrapped. It seems that Omni Calculator has a bright future because let’s face it, we are all bad at math, most of the time. And most of us has everyday problems that could be solved in seconds, only if we had a way to quickly calculate how much something will cost us, or how much pegs we need in order to dry all of our laundries at once.

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Mucha describes why he built Omni Calculator, and from his words, we can see that the main reason for deciding to make it, are every day, simple problems. “We have all sorts of simple math problems — ‘Can this business work out?,’ ‘Can I afford to buy this house?,’ ‘How many bricks do I need for my patio?,’ ‘How much ibuprofen should this kid receive?’ But when people can’t or won’t do the math they make poor decisions based on hunches where they should rely on hard numbers. They start businesses that have no future, buy houses they can’t afford or exit the European Union when it makes no freaking sense.”

And he’s right. How many times you overspent something or bought an item that has cost you much more money in the end? Omni Calculator gives you means to creating your own calculators, and although the current version is limited, Mucha is working hard on bringing customization system to the app, that’ll allow you to resolve almost any problem in just a few seconds, or minutes, depending on problem’s complexity.

Omni Calculator’s site is full of handy calculators. You can calculate the cost of construction materials, or see how much money you can save if decide to build an energy efficient house. There’s also a BMI calculator and one that will tell you how much to tip the waiter. Mucha believes that everyone will enjoy his product, especially people working in the finance sector and tech guys and girls. He thinks that Omni Calculator has a bright future because “We only need one user that’s pissed off enough to spend two minutes on creating a calculator for it.”

At the moment, his app has around 270,000 monthly users, and one enterprise client; by the looks of it, it seems that Omni Calculator will make us fall in love with math again.

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