PlayStation VR Will Be Released in October With $399 Price Tag

Yes, it’s official. At their presentation happened during GDC, Sony showed the final, consumer-ready version of their VR kit PlayStation VR. It will be released during October 2016 and will cost $399. After sharing with the public pretty much everything about PlayStation VR in the last couple of months, Sony finally revealed release date and price.


With $399 price tag, PlayStation VR has the upper edge in the coming clash of VR kits. HTC Vive cost $799, Oculus Rift $599. Their price tag puts them much higher than PS VR, without taking in account cost of upgrading your PC in order to be able to use Vive and Rift, which could be pretty hefty. If you’re lucky and have a beefy PC you still have to pay almost double the price just for the kit. The only additional cost that PS users might have is the one for PlayStation Camera, obligatory for PS VR, which can be found for around $50. Luckily, usual Dual Shock controllers can be used with PS VR, so, in the end, you’ll have to pay $449 max for the opportunity to spend your days in VR on your PS4. With over 36 million PS4’s sold ‘till date worldwide, the potential user base is humongous, giving PS VR pol-position for the inevitable clash with Rift and Vive.

VR kit will come with a 5.7” OLED screen with constant 120Hz refresh rate and 1920×1080 resolution, maybe a little bit underwhelming when compared to competitors; both Vive and Rift will come packed with two 1920×1080 screens (one for each eye) making total resolution 2160×1200. That’s much higher than PS VR, but bear in mind that both Vive and Rift demand a PC that’s more powerful than PS4, making 1920×1080 a good enough solution. FoV (field of view) of the PS VR is 100 degrees, similar to those of competitors (Vive and Rift will probably come with the FoV of around 100 degrees). Enough for a decent VR feel, it will make you immerse enough while at the same time providing you with above 60 fps performance.

As we said earlier only PlayStation camera is needed for PS VR, Move controllers are optional because Dual Shock controllers can be used for playing VR games. Another interesting feature of the upcoming Sony’s VR kit is the “Social Screen.” It will allow you to play games on TV while someone else is using PS VR, a neat feature that will surely come in handy, especially if your friends want to check out PS VR while you just want to play some Uncharted 4.

All in all, PlayStation VR looks really nice, it has decent specs, it can be used while playing “regular” games on TV, and it costs just $399. The future looks bright, except for one thing. Yes, Vive and Oculus are much more expensive, and they both need a hefty PC to run them. But the people that’ll buy them probably already own a powerful PC or plan to upgrade it, they already got used to the high cost of PC gaming. But for PlayStation owners, giving $399 just for a VR kit could be too much, the price of the kit is higher than the price of PS4 (it can be found new for $349) making the PS VR looking much more expensive to PS4 owners. We have to wait for October to see if PS4 owners like VR or not.

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