Pokemon Go breaks App Store Download Records

pokemon-go-warning-screenIf anyone was in doubt as to the popularity of Poke-mania then Apple has just furnished proof. Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game taking over the entire planet has become the most downloaded game in its first week in the history of the existence of the App store.

The App, developed by Niantic for Nintendo has changed the fortunes of the beleaguered Japanese game maker who has struggled with some hardware misses over the last few years. Nintendo has doubled in value since Pokemon Go has been released and rekindled excitement about the upcoming launch of the NX as well.

The app is still being rolled out in countries around the world, later than it was planned because the servers were unable to handle the traffic and had to be scaled up rapidly. Japan, the country where Pokemon was first dreamed up has only just officially got the app a day back.

Pokemon Go is a rarity in the fact that App sensations are much fewer than they were a few years ago. There is no doubt that the novelty of the App store has worn off and most people on average do not download even a single app per month.

The free to play game is basically banking on in-app purchases to make money and initial estimates suggest that it may have already made close to $15 Million.

Pokemon Go has run into a lot of controversies as well with concerns about it being a tool for agencies to spy on people, being banned for being un-Islamic, caused outrage as Pokemon have been sprouting up in war memorials and is now being used as a tool to remark on the state of our society.

For people that are unfamiliar with how the game works, Pokemon go puts the Pokemon into our world through the magic of augmented reality and an uninspired Google maps skin. Players try and collect as many of the cute little monsters as you can.

The popularity of the game can be judged by the number of forums that have sprung up dedicated to the sharing of information about the location of potential Pokemon. One enterprising developer even managed to reverse engineer some the server information from Niantic and created a map showing the presence of all the Pokemon on a Google map as well as a countdown meter to indicate when they will disappear from there.

Niantic has not really cracked down on illegal mods like this or the fact the thousands of players have downloaded the game in countries where official launch date has not yet taken place.

We are living in a Pokemon world and the number of people wandering the streets looking for the next Pokestop on their route is all set to increase in the near future.











































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