Reddit Finally Launches Official Android And iOS App, Presents User-Blocking Tool

Big news coming from Reddit this week. They finally finished testing the official, in-house, Reddit app and released it for Android and iOS. On top of that, a new tool that should tackle a bunch of trolls (we all met, at least, one during the hiking through endless topic rain forests that can be found on Reddit).


The first in-house made Reddit app has been launched yesterday for Android and iOS, meaning that Alien Blue, third-party Reddit app that was acquired by Reddit two years ago, will be replaced. While old users who already installed it will be able to continue using it, the app will no longer be available on App Store, meaning that new users won’t be able to install it. Support for Alien Blue will also be discontinued, meaning that there will be no more updates and bug squashing.

This move comes because Reddit’s engineering team realized that it would be better to just build a new app, instead constantly trying to patch up Alien Blue. This way, as told by Alex Le, Vice President of Consumer Product at Reddit, they made a completely new app from the ground-up that’s “faster, more modern and more usable.”

This move isn’t surprising because today, half of the user base uses Reddit on mobile, and trying to make Alien Blue better will only introduce new bugs, more problems, and eventually less frequent updates. With the official app, Reddit wants to enable its users better experience with an app that will be frequently updated, with updates bringing new features and better experience, instead just trying to squash new bugs while making new ones. The best thing is that, although they launched the official app, Reddit don’t have any plans regarding the restriction (or even shutting down) third-party Reddit apps.

Some of the unique features that aren’t present in third party apps include a “car view” that should ease the browsing of videos, and a customizable subreddits. The size of the app is just 4.8 megabytes, and it’s worth noting that new official app is not available in all regions. If you still can’t find it on you Play of App store, be patient, it should be soon available worldwide.

Reddit also launched new User-Blocking tool that should protect its users from online harassment. Reddit is full of different opinions on every possible subject, which is normal because we live (or think that we live) in a free speech society. But some people just can’t forgive stepping on their toe and start trolling you in every comment you make, stalking you through every subreddit you visit, enjoying in spitting on every word you write. The new tool should give you the means to block them, the simple way of letting someone know that they crossed the line. As Reddit co-founder, Cristopher Slowe said “…Sometimes this very openness (the thing Reddit is famous for) can lead to less awesome stuff like spam, trolling, and worse, harassment. We work hard to deal with these when they occur publicly. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just released a feature to help you filter them from within your own inbox: user blocking.” The best thing is that blocked users won’t receive notification about being blocked. While this will certainly reduce the amount of online harassment on Reddit, it may lead to users being blocked just because their opinion is different from the opinion of the other party, ultimately destroying the openness of Reddit. We will see.

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