Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100: A Blend Of Future Tech And Classic Design

After BMW released its Vision Next 100, celebrating the 100th anniversary, Rolls-Royce, now owned by BMW, shown their take on the future of cars. The concept looks lavish, with its huge body, covered wheels, and overall feel of an extravaganza.

Rolls-Royce Vision concept, Goodwood Photo: James Lipman /

The first thing that gets the attention are huge, covered wheels. Front ones are positioned in such way it looks like the car is levitating like it’s some kind of maglev car that slides above the surface without touching the ground. Of course, a huge grille dominates the front, giving the car a proper Rolls-Royce look, a look screaming money, power, glory. The body is huge, measuring about 233-inch; combined with 28-inch wheels, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 gives the viewer a monolithic fell of veneration, which is rightly deserved.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 6

Since these Vision 100 concepts are all about the future of car technology, conceptualizing what the cars might look like in a couple of decades, Rolls-Royce packed the concept with plenty of interesting features. There is no steering wheel since the car is self-driving; Rolls-Royce explains that their concept uses Artificial Intelligence, enabling the car full self-driving capabilities. Although at this moment self-driving tech is still in its early days, in a decade or two we might be driven by computers built into cars.

AS with BMW’s concept, this one also packs a virtual assistant, used for easing up the everyday journeys, offering recommendations for where to go and how to reach your destination. Basically, it’s a GPS of the future, where it won’t tell you just how to get somewhere, but also why you should go there, and what awaits you when to reach your destination. Storage space is placed on the car sides, covered with sliding doors, giving the feel of luxury and high-class. It’s strange how nobody thought of that by now, probably because normal cars aren’t huge like this one.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 3

Since this is the conceptualization of the future of car industry, Rolls-Royce Vision 100 is equipped with a zero-emissions propulsion system. The company hasn’t explained is the system electric or hydrogen based, but it offers zero-pollution nevertheless. The passenger seat is placed as one huge, elegant sofa, along with little pillows on both sides. Luxury at its best, if you have money for Rolls-Royce, you’ll hardly worry about room for more passengers.

Since this is a part of Vision Next 100, the car encompasses four visions: the Personal Vision, the Effortless Journey, the Grand Sanctuary and the Grand Arrival. There are all pretty much self-explanatory. The Personal Vision is all about giving owners ability to custom tailor their vehicle, top make it their own.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 2

The Effortless Journey is all about the ease of use, the car is self-driving and a personal assistant (named Eleanor) from the future will take care of all of your needs; as Rolls-Royce explains “she works intuitively to advise her owners on itineraries, schedules and options before they leave their residence, reminding about appointments and tasks and making suggestions to ease any anticipated impediments.”

The Grand Sanctuary deals with the profligate cabin offering tremendous levels of comfort, custom-tailored to be your personal sanctuary.

And the final one, The Grand Arrival, can be explained with a sentence like “move out peasants, you Lord has arrived.” As Rolls Royce explained, “One of these truths [constant over time] is how the powerful have always understood the symbols through which they express their standing. From the lavish chariots of the Roman Emperors to the individually hand built state carriages and cars of Monarchy – such as the coach built Rolls-Royce Phantom IV used during Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation – such fine vehicles have been designed to project the importance of the individual inside to those waiting outside. Waiting with bated breath for a grand arrival, the crowds were never anything but impressed by the stately arrival of their idol. In the future, Rolls-Royce believes that its powerful patrons will wish to continue projecting their power and status in such a manner.”

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concept looks monolithic, feels extravagant, but it’s only a concept. Maybe we’ll see something similar during next decade, but you can’t deny that this concept looks like it comes off some blockbuster vision of the future.

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