Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Will be Presented in Less Than a Week, Let’s Look at The Leaked Specs

Samsung will reveal its two flagship models in less than a week, but there’s an abundance of information that’s leaked all over the web detailing some specs, design decisions and features. Let’s take a look at what was revealed so far.


Building on top of the last generation


Last year, Samsung presented Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, two smartphones that had excellent design and full metal bodies but lacked in other areas. For instance battery capacity was too weak, you couldn’t expect that battery will last you, at least, one full day, the charger was the most important part of the package because you had to use it constantly. This year, however, Samsung is expected to offer larger battery. In fact, rumors and reports suggest that S7 will include a full 3000mAh battery, a nice jump from last years’2550mAh unit, while the S7 Edge will have even more juice, with reports suggesting that it will come packed with incredible 3600mAh battery, possibly offering a whole day of charger independence. They will both come with a fast charge and wireless charging options, features that were already present in the last generation.


Two features that were missing in S6 and S6 edge and will probably return in this year’ models are MicroSD slot and water resistance. Lack of memory card slot was a real pain, and Samsung has probably heard user’s feedback so we can expect microSD slot to return to new models. S6 and S6 Edge were first flagship models from Samsung that offered full metal body and decision to go full metal meant that memory cards would not be supported. But now, when Samsung gathered a full year’s worth of experience regarding full metal body design we could expect that they solved the problem of memory card slot’s absence. Numerous reports suggest that we’ll be able to expand the phone’s storage, even though there aren’t any SD slots visible on the leaked images so far. Maybe Samsung decided to use SIM card tray as an SD slot, we’ll know this soon. Rumors and reports are suggesting that one other feature that was missing last year will see its comeback, water resistance. S7 should come with IP67 water-resistant design, and it is likely that water-repellant glaze will be used instead of a classic set of plastic and rubber waterproof accessories.

samsung galaxy s7 cases-970-80

Similar design, more of an evolution than a revolution, will be used for new phones. There’s no denying that S6 and S6 Edge were nice looking phones and Samsung knows that, so instead of venturing into new grounds they will probably just build up on the last years’ models and just make some small changes to the fantastic full-metal design. This is confirmed with leaked images, if you look at them, you’ll hardly find any big differences between S6 and S7. S7 will offer a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with qHD resolution (1440 x 2560) while S7 Edge will sport the same type and resolution but bigger size (5.5 inches).


As you could’ve read, there are many information about Samsung’s new flagship models and, similarly to last years’ presentation, Unpacked 2016 event will just present confirmation of most leaked information and rumors.

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