Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, As Well As Other Galaxy Models Suffer Problems After The Latest Update; On The Other Side, It Seems Android Nougat Is Causing Problems On Nexus 5X

After the launch of The Note 7, Samsung started getting onto one problem after another. The first issue was with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries, many of which were faulty and needed a replacement. Slow charging, inability to charge them fully and even some explosions made Samsung call off the entire shipment of Galaxy Note 7 model throughout the world, and the company is still in the process of replacing the phones or giving users their money back. Since the battery problems were widespread through the entire worldwide shipment of Galaxy Note 7 model, Korean Tech Giant even had to offer users a chance to get a different Samsung phone. Latest reports say the company should start selling Galaxy Note 7 again in a couple of weeks.


More recent reports talked about faulty Galaxy S7 Edge specimens suffering from (again) damaged batteries. In the Philippines, one S7 Edge even exploded, fortunately without hurting the owner. And now, after a new Oculus app update launched, many users started reporting their phones are overheating and draining the battery.

One Reddit user, going by the name of welcometowoodbury posted about the problem. “Hey y’all, my phone worked perfectly for months! I’m with att and haven’t had any major issues with my phone so far. Today I woke up, took my phone off charge, and 15 min later with very minimal use, I was down to [86 percent] and my screen was very hot. Right now, an hour later with not using it at all, I’m at [57 percent],” he said. Another user said “Okay so it seems that some people on here have come to the conclusion that the battery drain issue that some are experiencing is from an Oculus update this morning (Gear VR). I tried uninstalling the app completely to see if that helps at all,” further proving that an update of the Oculus app started the problems. So, if suffering overheating and battery drainage on your Galaxy smartphone, try uninstalling the Oculus app, if it’s present on your phone.

In other news, it seems that Nexus 5X is experiencing problems after the launch of the new Android Nougat. The Nexus 5X suffers from a bootloop issue, a sort of problem that can make the phone completely unusable. And while before, you could just reset your settings in which case most problems would vanish, it seems trying to fix the problem by reverting to factory settings can’t solve the Nougat issues.


One user reported that she “Wiped System Cache partition and did factory data reset. It turns off or restarts frequently with no consistent pattern. It does not even turn on most of the time when it’s off”

Phone Arena reports that many other Nexus 5X devices suffer from various random issues, like random reboots, or the phones turning off for no apparent reason. The worse thing is that problems can’t vanish, even after clearing cache and booting into safe mode. One Google employee, going under an alias “Orrin” stated that Google is currently looking into the matter, and that problems may be caused by the phone’s hardware. He continued saying that the problems may not be possible to fix with future software updates, hinting that owners of affected devices can only take their phones to a service, or hope that Google can somehow solve the issue with one of the future software updates.

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