Samsung Is Messing Up Its Global Recall In The Worst Possible Manner

Samsung’s nightmare week/month is just refusing to end as news has surfaced that a man has filed a lawsuit against Samsung a day after the Korean company officially recalled over a million Note 7 devices in the U.S. alone.

The gentleman in question, Jonathan Strobel, is a resident of Florida and has alleged that his Note 7 phone burst into flames while in his front pant pocket. Ouch! Samsung, of course, declined to comment on the issue, however, even its most stringent critics are appalled at the way the company has handled this recall.

Out of a million reportedly sold Note 7 devices, over 90% of the users are still using their devices as if nothing has happened and are thus putting themselves and others at risk. Samsung has also not been clear enough about the recall procedure. People do not know how long it will be before they are issued new devices and so they want to put off giving back their expensive new phone for as long as possible.

Remember too that this is a global recall. Customers outside of the U.S.A and South Korea, Samsung’s home market have little idea as to when the recall process will begin in earnest.

The fact that the phone has now been banned by aviation agencies all over the world and even a few train companies means that users will be wary of carrying around their replaced Note 7 device for fear of being stopped at an airport or train station.

There is also a widespread fear that Samsung has greatly undersold the extent of the devices affected by this battery fault. Almost 92 cases have been reported in the U.S.A alone and a lot many more around the globe.

The problem here is that Samsung has not taken charge of the narrative and is just letting rumors fly. It needs to step up and communicate clearly with its customers as to what it is planning and how the recall process is going to work immediately.

The loss of face and reputation is going to be tough to recover from, however, recalls of a large nature have occurred in the past in other industries and companies have managed to get out of them relatively unscathed.

Samsung though could not have found a worse time to be suffering through such an incident as a lot of potential customers jump ship and buy the newly released iPhone 7.  There are reports that Samsung is looking to move up the launch of the Galaxy S8 and that orders for the future phone’s display have already been placed.

If that is true then that could one thing that helps take the focus of this debacle and transfer it to something positive for Samsung. Before it can move on, though, it needs to make things right for its customers otherwise, it risks paying dearly for this unforeseen and unintentional fault of its.

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