Samsung Issues Worldwide Recall For Note 7 Devices


Samsung has issued a worldwide recall for all its Galaxy Note 7 phones due to concerns about the battery exploding. It revealed that there were 35 complaints reported across the world as of now, however, it did not want to take a chance with the safety of its customers.

This is perhaps one of the biggest recalls due to the poor quality control in the consumer industry and definitely that in the smartphone industry. A similar litany of complaints had caused Apple to address a design flaw in the antenna placement of the iPhone 4, however, that did not require for the phone to be recalled.

Samsung has been taking a beating at the share market, ever since rumors about a critical flaw in the Note 7 started to pop up. According to company representatives, the company has found that a small number of devices may have been shipped with flawed batteries and was working with suppliers to identify the affected batches.

They also said that Samsung could have opted to just replace the battery and solve the problem, however, the company wanted to give its users new devices to use so that they have absolutely no doubt about their devices.

The manner in which this recall will take place and the time that will be taken for them to be replaced with newer devices will be announced by Samsung in the coming weeks.

This is a big blow for Samsung that was riding a wave of positive momentum and praise on the back of its device redesign with the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy Edge 7. Both these devices were credited for turning around years of declining mobile revenue and for bringing Samsung into a design focused era rather than just competing on specs.

Initial reviews of the Note 7 were also very well received with most researchers agreeing that it built on the design success of its Galaxy cousins.

The company has not mentioned any compensation that the users may receive for the time that they will be required to give up their phones. Analysts expect Samsung to offer affected customers some amount of credit towards Gear device purchases or maybe even throw in a smartwatch for free.

One thing is for certain though that Samsung will have to go on a high-octane publicity drive to win back the confidence of its customers. The impending launch of the newest iPhone is just around the corner and there could not have been a worst time for Samsung to have to face such news from its suppliers.

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