Stephen Hawking Thinks Your Terminator Nightmares Will Come True Starting 2017

The machines are coming. And if you believe someone who has spent his life studying and predicting the behavior of our universe, the machines are coming for us.

Stephen Hawking is one of the most outspoken critics of developing Artificial intelligence to the point that it is allowed to ‘evolve’ without Human intervention. According to him, this is when things can turn sour very quickly for the human race as we will no longer be able to control the development of this AI and the robots it controls.

Hawking has repeated several times that the world is playing with fire by not ensuring adequate safeguards being built into AI development. Elon Musk, the closest thing we have to a real-life Tony Stark, agrees with him wholeheartedly on this point as well.

So, the one thing that Hawking was worried about happening? It is about to happen.

According to researchers and analysts around the world, 2017 will be when the robots and machines from all over the world will start to collaborate via the Internet of Things and start to share information. They will, in essence, start to teach each other about the world or other solutions that they might come up with.

Researchers say that this field of AI, called Machine Learning, is already being used to develop programs for real-time language translation and other uses, and is the most efficient ways of training a fully capable AI.

The traditional method of humans teaching AI about things is too slow and time-consuming to build an all-encompassing AI that can do more than just perform tasks that it has been trained to do so. AI developed through machine learning will be able to tap into the collective knowledge of machines around the world and teach itself at a rate that is unimaginable right now.

Oh, and the researchers agree that they don’t always understand how machines reach certain answers through machine learning because they are the ones in control.

So, everyone who was worried that we might be heading towards a Skynet-type of situation has a legitimate reason to be terrified right now! To be fair, the overwhelmingly large majority of the scientists believe that these fears are being hyped and that there is no chance of a machine takeover happening.

Stephen Hawking, though, considered by many among the smartest men to walk this earth, thinks that we face extinction at the hands of rogue robots.

Just something to think about as we transcend from the truly horrible 2016 into the terrifying unknown of 2017. Happy New Year!

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