Tesla Rolls Back Speed Cap On Undivided Highways In Latest Autopilot Update

Tesla has rolled back a feature setting a hard cap on the speed limit for the autopilot which prevented drivers from setting the cruising speed above the posted limit. A lot of Tesla owners were very miffed about this change and will be very happy that Tesla is giving them a little more flexibility.

This move also shows the task ahead of car companies as they try and find a balance between making their customers happy and keeping them safe. What Tesla has done by rolling back this speed limit is to take into account the reality that traffic does not always move exactly at the prescribed limit and that by insisting, it could actually have been making the situation unsafe for its customers.

Tesla has been at the forefront of adopting automation in driving and is learning on the go as it continues to fine-tune its Autopilot software. It is not a case of unfinished software being put out on the road but rather the pace at which the technology is evolving that makes Tesla keep updating its Autopilot system.

Tesla is also going to have its first real competitor to the Autopilot as well as Mercedes get ready to roll out the Drive Pilot system for its cars.

Both of these systems that are being offered by the companies are Level 3 autonomous systems which require the driver to be attentive and put the ultimate responsibility of handling any emergencies/unforeseen situations on the human driver.

Elon Musk is a big proponent of completely autonomous cars and is already equipping each Tesla being sold with the technology to make this transition whenever the regulations allow. Mercedes, on the other hand, has publicly stated that it does not think completely autonomous cars are the way to go and that software assists to help the driver out will be what ends up dominating the market.

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