Tesla Unveils the Model 3 on March 31st. Pre-Orders Begin The same Day!

Tesla-Motors-symbolCar enthusiasts in general and EV fans, in particular, should mark 31st March on their calendars as a very important date. Tesla Motors will unveil their much await Model 3 for the first time ever.

This launch of this car is of paramount importance to the EV industry as companies look to make the shift from niche well-heeled buyers to a more mass market appeal. For Tesla, this car is key to achieving a high volume of sales and transitioning to being taken seriously as a viable business in the long run.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted that potential buyers will be able to reserve a car from the 31st of March onwards. This is quite a surprise, especially considering that the Model 3 is not expected to hit the roads before the second half of next year.

The reservations can be made online from 1st of April onwards or in Tesla stores on the 31st of March onwards by putting down a deposit of $1000. The company is also expected to be on track to meet its pricing objective of $35000 before any tax incentives are added in.

A part of the reason for this early unveiling and reservation could be the impending launch of the Chevrolet Bolt, also expected to be in the same price range and going to beat the Model 3 to market by almost a year.

Both the Bolt and the Model 3 will have a range of about 200 miles on a single charge, something that is sure to alleviate nervousness in potential buyers about being stranded on the highway with no charging station in sight.

While there will be no ’signature’ series for the Model 3 like the Model X and the Model S, the first few rounds of production are expected to be slightly higher priced as they will include a lot of options and accessories which will not be included in the base versions.

The Gigafactory which has started production, but is nowhere near full capacity, at present is the key to being able to achieve the kind of mass market price Tesla has been aiming for. The company is also looking to increase its car outlets sharply over the next few years and increase its supercharger network to set in place an infrastructure capable of catering to the expected higher number of users.

Tesla has been building towards this moment since their very inception and one cannot help but feel excited to see what the company has in store for their version of the ‘people’s car’. As a brand, it has built up a reputation for high quality and luxury, something it will be keen to maintain even with the Model 3.

My punt is on the inclusion of software/automation that will help distinguish the car from others in the same price range and not really add to much the input costs of the cash-strapped company.


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